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Things you need to know about MAGKNA

Magkna (PT. Magkna Bhakti Informasi) is a company that provides business consulting service. We are Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing consultancy and implementer dedicated to helping our Clients get exactly "The right information - to the right people - at the right time", to empower decision-making that will significantly improve profitability, cost efficiency and competitive advantage.

We combine business strategy with technology and available resources to create a harmony in improving business or revenue of a company. Using our industry knowledge, we offer expertise services and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help Clients. During operation, Magkna has established business cooperation with various renowned multi-national companies. This is done to expand the resource Magkna in completing the projects so that there is a wide range of solutions that can be offered to our Clients.


"Being a creative, accommodating, and highly innovative container with strong commitment in serving team, partners, customers with the best quality of work, based on the spirit of friendship.”


"Provide the best services to all relevant parties in achieving a common goal, and provide added value in all aspects to all parties involved within the process undertaken based on corporate values."


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